Vertigo - Paperback

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Luke and Anna, thirty-something and restless, decide on a sea change. Worn down by city life and wounded by a loss neither can talk about, they flee to a sleepy village by the coast. There, surrounded by nature, they begin to feel rejuvenated. But when bushfire threatens their new home, they must confront what they have tried to put behind them.

Vertigo is a fable of love and awakening by one of Australia's finest writers, about the unexpected way emotions can return and life can change.

Vertigo will keep you up much too late but it’s worth a one-sitting read.’ —West Australian

‘Extraordinarily vivid and compelling … a stunning and memorable novella’ —The Age

‘Lohrey achieves a kind of perfection’ —Sydney Morning Herald

'A carefully crafted little gem of a book’ —Advertiser