This Is Why You're Single

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Modern dating is hard.
Whether you're falling for that man child for the fifty-seventh time or text messaging your way to stalker status, dating can make you want to find a nice roomy hermitage on Airbnb and live a solitary, monk-like life.
Luckily, that frustration ends now.
This Is Why You're Single breaks away from your typical dating guide by taking a page from Aesop's playbook with hilarious modern-day dating fables paired with advice, entertaining quizzes, graphs, and illustrations. Dating will feel a whole lot more doable, a little less weird, and, well, actually pretty fun.
'I loved it. It's really funny and makes me very happy that I haven't been single in 21 years . . . buy this book.' Joel McHale, star of Community and host of E!'s The Soup
'It's like hanging out with your most-trusted best friend – and it would have stopped me from sending a lot of embarrassing texts.' Meghan McCain, author of America , You Sexy Bitch and FOX News contributor
'Serious laughs and lessons throughout.' Jordan Carlos, panelist on MTV's Girl Code and reporter on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
'Like the honest, sarcastic big sister you never had.' Kate Hogan, Deputy Features Editor at
'As a Bachelor reject, I say spare yourself a national breakdown . . . don't go on The Bachelor – read this damn book.' Jenna Burke, ABC's The Bachelor contestant, season 16