The Sound of Pictures: Listening to the Movies, from Hitchcock to High Fidelity

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The Sound of Pictures is an illuminating journey through the soundtracks of more than 400 films. How do filmmakers play with sound? And how does that affect the way we watch their movies? Sweeping or sparse, classical or pop, music can play a crucial role in our cinematic experience. Other sounds can be even more evocative: the sounds of nature, of cities and of voices.
In The Sound of Pictures , Andrew Ford listens to the movies. He speaks to acclaimed directors (Bruce Beresford, Sally Potter, Wim Wenders, Peter Greenaway and Peter Weir) and composers (Ennio Morricone, Richard Rodney Bennett, Dick Hyman, Lalo Schifrin and Howard Shore), discovering radically different views about how much music to use and when. And he explores some of cinema's most curious sonic moments. How did Alfred Hitchcock use music to plant clues in his films? Why do some 'mix-tape' soundtracks work brilliantly and others fall flat? How do classics from A Clockwork Orange to The Godfather, Cinema Paradiso to High Noon , use music and sound effects to enhance what we see on screen?
Whether you're a film-buff or a music lover, The Sound of Pictures will enrich your experience of the movies.
'Andrew Ford's book is delightfully snippy and entertaining. More importantly, it's also wonderfully informed in a way that will enhance film viewing past, present and future. A hugely enjoyable and revelatory read.' Margaret Pomeranz