The Skull

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There has never been a more feared or respected policeman in Australia than Brian “Skull” Murphy.

Bestselling author Adam Shand tells the story of the last of the super cops. Through dramatic recreations, The Skull follows Brian Murphy on the beat as he collars big-time crims and small-time thugs, rubs shoulders with corrupt officials and flashy assassins, and uses a combination of old-school persuasion and self-styled ‘slychology’ to recruit his network of informers.

Murphy ventures into the grey areas of law enforcement and the criminal underworld of the ’70s and ’80s, where he confronts such renowned villains as Christopher Dale Flannery, the Kane brothers and Ray Chuck.

Fast-paced and gritty, The Skull is the life and times of a legendary crime-fighter.

‘An energetic writing style that often captures the emotion of some truly extraordinary scenes.’ —NineMSN

‘A fascinating read … an insider’s insight into Melbourne’s underworld.’ —Examiner

‘An enjoyably racy biography of a police officer’ —Sydney Morning Herald