The Path of the Lost

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Somewhere in the unknown, there exists a place surrounded by shadows. A place that shares the lonely fate of the stars, which burn bright, yet burn alone, blinded by an endless night. They call this place the Cosm. Within the Cosm is a Truth that gives it its light; a beauty the shadows hunger to feast upon and eventually extinguish.'
Zynthia is a Delver of the Cosm, one of the last of her kind. She has the ability to unleash the power of art, melody and narrative in a world that has outlawed creative expression. After her grandmother’s death, she is left to Delve on her own in the hope of discovering a lost ‘key’ that could preserve the Cosm’s light and save her world from fading into oblivion.
A single painting leads her to James, a man who is caught between two worlds.
After forming a fragile alliance with a Guardian and a rebel, Zynthia and James embark on the Path of the Lost. This ever-changing trail is haunted by forgotten creatures and secrets of the Cosm’s past.
Is James really the key Zynthia has been searching for? Can he learn to harness the power of his art to help in the battle against the Lost? Or has Zynthia’s Delving initiated a chain of events that will plunge her world into darkness forever?

'An exploration of the nature of creativity and its link to the soul. Beau Kondos is an emerging YA writer with a rich imagination and a love of storytelling in all its forms, who writes from the heart.'
– Paula Weston, Author of The Rephaim Series