The Lost Art of Baking with Yeast: Delicious Hungarian Cakes and Pastries

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For a long time baking with yeast fell out of popularity with home cooks, but recently there has been a revival in traditional baking. Many home bakers would love to use the incredible properties of yeast but feel daunted. The Lost Art of Baking with Yeast shows how simple baking with yeast, and how irresistible the results, can be.

Baba Schwartz introduces the principles of yeast baking and gives handy hints for kneading and proving dough to perfection. The book includes recipes for cakes, slices, pastries and buns – and Baba’s famous golden dumpling cake.

These recipes, with their distinctive Hungarian flavour, will delight your family and friends. If you love baking, you will love discovering these recipes, some unique and some classic.
With an updated introduction from Baba’s granddaughter, this hardback edition of The Lost Art of Baking with Yeast will inform and inspire a new generation of bakers.