The Demographic Cliff: How to survive and prosper during the Great Deflation of 2014-2019

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All bubbles collapse,' warns Harry Dent. Australia emerged remarkably unscathed from the last great global recession of 2008/09. But with heavily overvalued real estate and repidly falling commodity and resource prices, are we heading for an economic downturn?
As a leading economic forecaster, Harry Dent relies on a not-so-secret weapon: demographics. Dent can tell a client exactly when people will spend the most on a bag of chips, or a car. And he can explain why our economy has risen and fallen with the peak of spending generations, and why we now face a growing demographic cliff with the accelerating retirement of the Baby Boomers around the world.
Dent offers prescient advice on retirement planning, health care, real estate, education, investing, and business strategies. He shows that if you take the time to understand demographic data, using it to your advantage isn't all that difficult. By following his suggestions, readers will be able to find the upside to the downturn and learn not only how to survive, but how to prosper during the challenging years ahead.