The Chaser Quarterly: Issue 9

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The Chaser Quarterly* is "Australia's Fake News Journal of Record". Published six times a year, each issue attempts to destroy public discourse on a particular topic. Full colour and 64 pages long, the Chaser Quarterly is perfect for reading on the bus, train, plane and, most importantly, toilet.

Buy one so that whenever your phone battery runs out you've still got fake news to read.

This issue: CQ - The Chase Her Quarterly

Includes a FREE Donald Trump pinup with every copy!

Features great hints about how to get ahead in the office by pretending to feel emotions, and how to get that girl even if she outwardly says she's not interested.

· Lee Lin Chin's review of the best beers of 2017
· 5 Handy Excuses for not having a woman on your company board
· Arnie's Best Workout tips to do for a week and then give up on
· The Shovel's guide to just how big that horse should be on your Ralph Lauren Polo
· The CQ Guide to Beating Women at Feminism
· Rhys Muldoon's weight loss tips to subtly read out to your girlfriend
. . . and much more.

The Chaser Quarterly - Fake news you can trust.