The Chaser Quarterly: Issue 15: The Official 2019 Election Guide

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Move aside Antony Green. Get stuffed Chris Uhlmann. Think you know politics, Leigh Sales? With a Federal election due by May 2019, The Chaser provides a must-read guide to Australian politics, and how it works.

Know your electorate. All the other guides will tell you the swings and demographics of the seats. Only The Chaser tells you which electorate have the most tax evaders, white collar fraudsters and insider traders (Wentworth).

Electorate profiles you can actually use: The Poo Jogger’s Guide to Brisbane. All the best places to defecate in all your favourite Brisbane hotspots.

Did you know that every single person in Australia will be an ex-Prime Minister by 2050?

Are You A One Nation MP? With all the comings and goings in One Nation, it’s hard to keep track of whether you’re a One Nation MP or not. Take our special quiz, and find out!