The Chaser Quarterly: Issue 13

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The Chaser's Art of the Streal is the only book about management theory that comes with a free MBA (from The Chaser Institute).

Divided into seven sections, readers will be fully appraised of everything it takes to become a successful manager, from middling time-server all the way up to mediocre executive.

A guide to corporate slang
The history and philosophy of management theory
Narcissism checklist: do you have enough of it to be CEO
Buzzwords: How to eliminate clear communication from your management style

Interspersed throughout the book are case studies to illustrate common management issues. For example, “Donald” was a mediocre student, bullied and harassed, but he turned the tables “The day that switch flipped inside me I was on the path to success”, he says. Nowadays “Donald” has a senior job managing geopolitical conflicts by watching TV and sending tweets.

Also includes an up-to-date section on dealing with “women” in the workplace.

Surprisingly, under the law women are officially categorised as “people” and entitled to equal treatment. In reality, that is rarely followed and you can safely get away with unequal treatment just by appearing to follow the rules. Includes a case study on “Harvey” didn’t realise women were real people, who would eventually talk to each other.

We also look at lessons that can be learnt from some of the Top 500 companies, including case studies on all the major criminal cartels, including:
Commonwealth Bank

NAB and