The Chaser Quarterly: Issue 12

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On 26 January 1788 a bunch of old white men arrived in Australia and started ruining it for everyone. 240 years later, Australia is a completely different country, still being ruined by old white men. The Chaser Quarterly has compiled a diverse array of Australia's least eminent historians, Charles Firth (The Chaser), James Schloeffel (The Shovel) and Cameron Smith ( The Completely True History of Australia is the definitive account of the white, male perspective on history.

As such, even though it completely ignores most of the people and cultures that went into making Australia the nation it is today, it will no doubt be studied in schools for generations to come. Perfect reading for anyone who wants a reason to be angry at white men in Australia. Includes:
- Complete Timeline of the last 60,000 years of Australian History
- Foreword by David Hunt, author of Girt
- The Prehistory of Australia
- An account of Bennelong's invasion of England
- New evidence about the 'disappearance of Harold Holt'
- Stunning new revelations about the sacking of Whitlam
. . . and much much more.