The Chaser Quarterly: Issue 11

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Tons of travel guides will tell you about the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Federation Square, but how many will give you directions to the very spot where the Cronulla race riots began, or the place where Tony Abbott stood proudly in front of a “Ditch the Bitch” poster?

You’ve heard of Atlas Obscura. Welcome to Atlas Satirarum. Done in the style of a travel guide, it is a hilarious satirical look at travelling in Australia.

While every other Travel Guide focuses on the positive, only The Chaser’s Quarterly’s travel issue focuses relentlessly on the unsavoury.

From Pine Gap to Perth, from Bourke to Broome, to the Brisbane Hospital where Australia’s immigration minister tried to deport a horribly burnt baby, Chaser Quarterly covers all the places that everyone else tries to forget.

This full colour, 64 page edition is packed full of the advice that your racist uncle would probably give if he was travelling with you. Focussing on Australia, with QuickLook guides to the worst the rest of the world has to offer. Includes a special 8-page advertorial sponsored by the Manus Island Tourism Board.