The Australian Victories In France in 1918

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First published in 1920, The Australian Victories in France in 1918 immediately garnered glowing praise as one of the most entertaining and informative accounts of war ever written. It is now recognised as one of the most important records of World War I, revealing the critical role Australians played on the Western Front.
General Sir John Monash, regarded as the best allied commander of World War I, records his experiences leading a series of victories that turned the tide of the war, from the defence of Amiens, to the battle of August 8th and the breaking of the Hindenburg Line. He reveals the challenges he faced in leading tens of thousands of troops, and the decision-making and innovations in the field that led to their success.
Republished in full, this edition features a new foreword by Bruce Haigh, colour reproductions of the original maps that were hand-drawn under Monash's supervision, and new photos. It also includes a memo from General Rawlinson congratulating Monash on the performance of the Australian Corps: 'I feel that no mere words of mine can adequately express the renown that they have won for themselves and the position they have established for the Australian nation not only in France but throughout the world.'
'From the far-off days in 1914, when the call first came, until the last shot was fired, every day was filled with loathing, horror, and distress . . . Yet it had to be, and the thought always uppermost was the earnest prayer that Australia might forever be spared such a horror on her own soil.' John Monash

Praise for The Australian Victories in France in 1918

'This book does more than tell the story of Australian achievements in France in the crowded months from the defence of Amiens to the breaking of the Hindenburg Line . . . It is also a manifesto of Australia pride — a pride amply justified by deeds.' Times Literary Supplement , 1920
'The definitive eyewitness account of Australia's greatest military achievement by Australia's greatest military commander, it perhaps eclipse even Bean's official history as the most important book ever written about Australia's Great War.' Hugh White Professor of Strategic Studies, ANU, and author of The China Choice
'This commendable volume explains how the 1st AIF, the biggest of twenty Allied Corps on the Western Front, had a huge say in the outcome of World War 1. Its detailed battle plans also had a big influence on World War 11. In 1937 General Heinz Guderian copied Monash's battle plan for Amiens into his own book, Achtung – Panzer! . He then demonstrated to Hitler Monash's successful blitzkrieg methods, which were adopted for the German attacks in Europe.' Roland Perry author of Monash: The Outsider Who Won a War

'His was the most brilliant leadership ever shown in any activity by an Australian.' Bob Carr former Premier of New South Wales

'In the eyes of many Monash was the greatest Allied Field Commander of World War 1. His leadership of The Australian Army Corps in 1918 was exemplary.' John Howard former Prime Minister of Australia