The Art of Being Different

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In 1895, armed with their faith and their wits, the enterprising Sisters of the Community of the Church opened a tiny Anglican school at Marlton Crescent in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda. One hundred and twenty-five years later, St Michael’s Grammar School is one of Australia’s top educational institutions, both utterly modern and deeply connected to its history and traditions. The School’s values, passed down from the founding Sisters, have linked generations of staff and students in a long line of academic excellence and community service.
In this book, Professor Stuart Kells tells the lively story of St Michael’s, celebrating the people and moments that have transformed it from its modest, devout origins through to the innovative K–12 institution it is today. Lavishly illustrated with more than 250 photographs and artefacts from the School’s archives, The Art of Being Different pays tribute to this special place, on the occasion of its 125th anniversary.