Stuffed & Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World Food System

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'The hunger of 800 million happens at the same time as another historical first: that they are out-numbered by the one billion people on this planet who are overweight.’—Raj Patel

Who really decides what we eat and how we think about food? How did the stuffed come to outnumber the starved and why are so many of them poor?
Stuffed & Starved is a groundbreaking inquiry into the global food industry. To reveal the stories behind the products in our shopping trolleys, Raj Patel visits rice-paddies in India, coffee farms in Africa, protestor-packed streets in South Korea, UN agencies and corporate boardrooms. As he connects the dots between these places and our plates, he uncovers the real reasons for famine in Asia and Africa, the false choices given us by supermarkets and a handful of middlemen in control of the world’s food supply. He also encounters a growing resistance to this control and offers a recipe for a healthier, tastier and more equitable food system.