Project Republic

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It's time for some straight talking about Australia's future

We need a head of state who shares a genuine affinity with our country. True independence does not require us to relinquish affection for the Queen or downplay excitement about a royal birth or wedding. Rather it is a chance for national renewal, and to lend an Australian dignity to the highest office in the land. In short: to decide what kind of country we want to live in.

Featuring forewords by Malcolm Turnbull and Wayne Swan, Project Republic unites a range of passionate Australian voices to show why Australia must become a republic – and how we get there from here.
Henry Reynolds / Thomas Keneally / Larissa Behrendt / John Hirst / Julian Morrow / Helen Irving / Mark Tredinnick / John Warhurst / David Morris / George Williams / Joy McCann / Erika Smith / Anthony Dillon / Paul Picking / James Curran / David Donovan / George Winterton