The Invisible Obvious: A Homicide Detective's Story of Mental Health Crisis and Recovery

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'How did I transform from an intelligent, articulate, valued and respected member of Victoria Police to an anxious, suicidal alcoholic?'

'I don't think there's a police officer or emergency worker out there who's not going to get something from this book.'—Ron Iddles OAM

In 2014 Tim Peck's career was at its peak – after reaching his goal of working in the Homicide Squad, he had enjoyed a period of rapid promotion through the ranks, working high-profile cases and managing complex operations, throwing everything into his career. But internally he was struggling – with depression, anxiety, PTSD and alcohol dependency.

Then he reached a breaking point nobody had seen coming, running his car off the road and planning to end his life.

In the aftermath of this crisis, Tim got sober, got serious about therapy and learnt a lot about a subject he had previously ignored: mental health and the impact of work involving traumatic events. He went on to study psychotherapy take a roles at Beyond Blue and Phoenix Australia to shape mental health programs for emergency service workers across Australia.

In The Invisible Obvious, Tim shares his story candidly, exploring how he didn't see the 'obvious' and what led to the escalation of his symptoms. He argues that everyone should take responsibility for their own mental health rather than fall back on blaming others or unhealthy coping mechanisms, and he shares his 'everyday' model of mental health that anyone can use to manage high stress levels.

The Invisible Obvious is a remarkable account of recovery and resilience and an invaluable resource for those dealing with or recovering from trauma, particularly in the workplace.