The Echidna Strategy: Australia’s Search for Power and Peace

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In the wake of a shift in the global power balance, how can Australia best protect itself?
Amid China's rise and America's decline in Asia, what will happen to Australia?

In this authoritative account, defence expert and insider Sam Roggeveen questions the claim that Australia is vulnerable to China's military, and probes the assumption that we cannot defend ourselves without America. He argues Australia must become bigger, more powerful and more independent, but not more aggressive. The choice cannot be between submission and belligerence. There is a third way: 'the echidna strategy'.

The echidna strategy is, in part, a defence policy, but also a metaphor for the way Australia should approach its neighbours – benign and non-threatening, but with enough armour to protect ourselves. Above all, Australia must be dedicated to preserving peace among Asia's giants in an era in which nuclear war is our biggest risk.

The Echidna Strategy deftly examines the new contest for leadership in Asia, the challenges Australia faces and the strategies it needs to thrive.