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Do you ever stop and ask, 'Is it all going to happen again?' —Siegfried Sassoon

We live in an age that seems eerily familiar. A time of dictators, populists, organised lying, European wars, grabs for territory, ideological extremism, and even antisemitism, when things are falling apart and the centre is struggling to hold. It has all happened before, in the 1920s and '30s. History is sending us a warning, and unless we heed it, history will have its revenge by making us repeat the disaster of the 1940s.

The world needs to learn the lessons of the 1920s and '30s, and fast. Dennis Glover retells the story of the inter-war years in a series of lessons drawn from unfolding events and the unheeded omens of those who spoke out but were ignored.

An urgent, surprising and altogether persuasive read, Repeat: The Warning from History will open your eyes.

'Like Orwell, of whom he has written so brilliantly, Dennis Glover's work is charged with courage, intelligence and purpose. He is the complete writer, and one made for our times.' —Don Watson