Sundressed: Natural Fibres and the Future of Fashion - Paperback

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Fashion is ready for a revolution. Many brands claim to be ‘sustainable’, but they are not. Far too many clothes are produced – and in ways that harm the Earth.

The solution? Regenerative farming of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, flax and cashmere. In this original and superbly written book, Lucianne Tonti takes readers to the farms and fashion houses that are creating a truly eco-friendly industry. She uncovers a growing hive of activity worldwide, from mulberry groves in China to cotton collectives in California, and from Mongolian goatherds to Australian sheep farmers.

If we grasp their potential, natural fabrics will revolutionise how we dress. They are durable and comfortable and can be cut to flatter all body shapes. With a designer’s eye for detail and an insider’s understanding of the market, Tonti shows us where our clothes come from and why it matters. Sundressed reaches out to anyone with an awareness of climate change and a love of beautiful, lasting garments. It brings us back to the wild – where true fashion is born.