People In Glass Houses:An Insider's Story of a Life in & out of Hillsong

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The eighties were my formative years, and while other teenagers were gyrating to rock'n'roll, we were praying for revival. We were taking communion, not cocaine. We treated virginity like a wedding present, not a cold sore. And why wouldn't we? We were told we could be, we already were, anything we wanted to be ... We were armed and dangerous. Armed with the power of God and dangerous in the eyes of Satan.
Tanya Levin grew up in the church that became Hillsong—the country's most ambitious, entrepreneurial and influential religious corporation.
People in Glass Houses tells how a small Assemblies of God church in a suburban school hall became a multi-million dollar tax-free enterprise and a powerful force in Australia—and now around the world.
Opening up the world of Christian fundamentalism, this is a powerful, personal and at times very funny exploration of an all-singing, all-swaying mega church.
Tanya Levin is no longer welcome at Hillsong. She lives in Sydney.