Oslo's Melbourne

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A brilliantly entertaining, full-colour collection of words and pictures by Melbourne's favourite cartoonist, Oslo Davis

Oslo Davis is pretty much the worst authority on Melbourne you can get. He gets on the wrong trams, panics then muddles his order at Brunetti's, and he still doesn't know the difference between a latte and a flat white (if there really is any difference, let's face it). You could say he has a complicated relationship with Australia's hipster capital: 'fear of living in any place that's not Melbourne' is pretty much the only thing keeping him here.

This clever, funny and sometimes snarky collection draws together years of observations of daily life in Melbourne. It's also a poignant celebration of a city that has suffered more lockdowns than anywhere in the world and survived to tell the tale.

Oslo's Melbourne contains the best of Oslo's drawings and essays from The MonthlyThe Age and The Guardian, remastered for the collection, as well as original works commissioned for this book. It is the perfect gift to celebrate your love-hate relationship with Australia's most liveable (or is that lockdown-able?) city.