Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty

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I've always loved independent women, outspoken women, eccentric women, funny women, flawed women. When someone says about a woman, 'I'm sorry, that's just wrong,' I tend to think she must be doing something right.'

From Academy Award winner and bestselling author Diane Keaton comes a candid, hilarious, and deeply affecting look at beauty, aging, and the importance of staying true to yourself.

In Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty , Diane Keaton shares the wisdom she's accumulated through the years—as a mother, daughter, actress, artist, and international style icon—in a smart and funny chronicle of the ups and downs of living and working in a world obsessed with beauty.

For Diane, being beautiful starts with being true to who you are, and in this book she also offers self-knowing commentary on the bold personal choices she's made through the years: the wide-brimmed hats, outrageous shoes, and all-weather turtlenecks that have made her an inspiration to anyone who cherishes truly individual style—and catnip to paparazzi worldwide. She recounts her experiences with the many men in her life—including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, and Sam Shepard—shows how our ideals of beauty change as we age, and explains why a life well lived may be the most beautiful thing of all.

Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty , is a wryly observant and as fiercely original as Diane Keaton.