Let's Destroy Work

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On the eve of All the World's Futures at the 2015 Venice Biennale, Schwartz City is pleased to announce the publication of Let's Destroy Work , the first major monograph on Marco Fusinato. A comprehensive overview of the past two decades of Fusinato's projects in art and music, featured projects include FREE (1998–2004), a series of guerrilla performances in unsuspecting music stores around the world; Mass Black Implosion (2007–), an ongoing series of propositional scores; Aetheric Plexus (2009–2013), a viewer-triggered installation of white noise and white light; and TM/MF (2000), a collaborative project with Thurston Moore.
Included is new writing by Branden W. Joseph, Professor in Art History at Columbia University; a text by US-based music critic Byron Coley; and essays from insurrectional anarchist writer Alfredo M. Bonanno's publication 'Let's Destroy Work, Let's Destroy the Economy'. The book is rich in colour and mono illustrations of Fusinato's works, and a selection of reference images.
Marco Fusinato's practice references the rhetoric of radical politics (its ambitions and failures), noise as music and the conditions and conventions of conceptual art. Through wide-ranging forms of work in gallery contexts and performances, he foregrounds moments of disruption and impact in which lie the possibility of a shift in perception or change in the course of events. Fusinato performs regularly in the international experimental music underground, obliterating the guitar into improvised noise-spit tsunamis.