Investing with Keynes: How the World's Greatest Economist overturned conventional wisdom and made a fortune on the stock market

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World-changing economist John Maynard Keynes is known as an architect of the postwar international monetary system. But unlike many economists, he also made vast sums of money on the stock market. When he died, Keynes’ net worth – almost entirely built through successful stock investments – amounted to $30 million in today’s terms, and the college endowment fund he managed had massively outperformed the market over two decades.

Investing with Keynes is an entertaining guide to the economist’s amazing stock market success. It weaves his principles of investment around key events in his rich and colourful life as a baron of the House of Lords and a member of the Bloomsbury set.

Like modern investors, Keynes navigated volatile markets threatened by panic and unemployment, and his observations have never been more timely. This accessible and informative book identifies what modern masters of the market have taken from Keynes and used in their own investing styles – and what you too can learn from the master economic thinker.