Guilty Pigs: The Weird and Wonderful History of Animal Law

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Trespassing bees, murderous zebras, reasonable cows ... Ever since Biblical times, animals have been clashing with human laws.

What to do with animals that injure or kill people, in particular, has long troubled humans. In medieval Europe, ‘killer’ animals – horses, cattle and most often pigs, which were notorious for eating young children – were put on trial. Even in the early twentieth century, circus elephants who lashed out at their keepers in America were summarily executed for their crimes.

In Guilty Pigs , animal law experts Katy Barnett and Jeremy Gans guide readers through the philosophy and practice of animal-related law, from the very earliest cases to the issues we are debating today, including the responsibilities of pet owners and the application of human rights to animals. They also cover hunting rights, using animals to solve crime, protecting animals from abuse and neglect, and the unique nature of owning a living being.

Filled with lively and sometimes bizarre case studies, this is a fascinating and entertaining read – for all lovers of misbehaving creatures.