Grounded: A Journey Through Landscapes, Sanctuaries and Sacred Places

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From the author of The Oak Papers, a beautiful meditation on how to foster a profound and healing spiritual communion with the natural world

When James Canton walked into Suffolk's Lindsey Chapel, it was the beginning of what would become a new journey in his life - hours away from the bustling city of London and distant from the years in his early twenties when he travelled from Egypt to Argentina. Standing inside the quaint chapel, Canton realised that his past cosmopolitan desires had been replaced by an intense yearning to understand the history of the place he called home, a burning curiosity about the past and the spiritual ways and beliefs of the people who came before us.

In Grounded, Canton retraces his steps into the places where our ancestors have experienced profound emotion, otherwise known as numinous experiences, to help us better understand who we are. Through lyrical meditation, reflection and a thoughtful consideration of the ways and beliefs of the people who came before us, Canton seeks to know what our ancestors considered to be human, and what lessons we can learn from them to find security in our contemporary selves. Steeped in literary and folklore references, Grounded is a powerful exploration of the power of nature to soothe, nourish, and inspire the human soul.