Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

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A powerful call to arms from one of the world’s most eminent environmentalists.

Thirty years ago, environmentalist Bill McKibben’s bestselling The End of Nature – now regarded as a classic – was the first book to alert us to global warming. Now, in Falter, he suggests that the human race may have played itself out. Climate change, robotics and artificial intelligence may spell the end of humanity as we know it. Unless we act now.

Falter tells the story of these converging trends and of the ideological fervour that keeps us from bringing them under control. Drawing on McKibben’s experience in building 350.org, the first global citizens movement to combat climate change, it offers some possible ways out of the trap. We’re at a bleak moment in human history, and we must confront the reality or watch the civilisation our forebears built slip away.

This is a timely, sobering and inspiring rallying cry to save not only our planet but also our humanity.