Dead in the Water: The AUKUS delusion; AFA20

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"Canberra's strategic illusions are the ultimate cause of our AUKUS debacle, but politics is involved too." HUGH WHITE

The twentieth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines Australia's momentous decision to form a security pact with the United States and the United Kingdom that includes an ambitious, expensive and risky plan to acquire nuclear-power submarines – a move that will have far-reaching military and strategic consequences.

Dead in the Water looks at whether AUKUS will enhance or undermine Australia's security as tensions between China and the US rise, how the deal will affect Australia's ties with its regional neighbours, and whether the submarines are likely to ever arrive.

* Hugh White examines whether Australia needs nuclear-powered submarines and whether the AUKUS plan will deliver them.
* Susannah Patton looks at the lessons for Australia from the region's responses to AUKUS.
* Elizabeth Buchanan explores how Australia could use its valuable geography to enhance ties with AUKUS allies and other partners.
* Andrew Davies weighs the benefits of nuclear-powered submarines against the costs of acquiring and maintaining them.
* Hervé Lemahieu proposes that Australia pursue a common travel area and an integrated digital market with the Pacific.
* Jack Corbett considers Solomon Islands' economic options in an era of great power rivalry.

PLUS Paul Monk on Australia's military posture, correspondence on AFA19: The New Domino Theory from Albert Zhang and Jieh-Yung Lo, and more.