Cavewomen Don't Get Fat:The Paleo Chic Diet for Rapid Results

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Millions of years of evolution can't be wrong.
So maybe you're not flaunting the latest in sabre-tooth style. Or beating your dinner to death with a club hours before you eat it. You're a twenty-first-century woman. Life has changed drastically since your ancestors discovered fire. What hasn't changed is how your body works. You're still sporting the same metabolic tendencies as your lean, toned Palaeolithic sisters. Which means that achieving a strong, healthy physique is simpler than you think.
What's a modern woman with ancient needs to do? Return to her roots with a back-to-basics approach to eating that is tailored specifically to her nutritional, hormonal, and real-world needs. The Paleo Diet isn't just for hard-core CrossFitters and meat-loving men. Today's cavewoman can enjoy protein rich, hormone-balancing, detoxifying, and satisfying foods that will help her lost those annoying extra pounds, build lean muscle mass, and feel like the gorgeous goddess she is meant to be.
The ultra-feminine Paleo Chic Diet will help you hit your metabolic reset button, lost weight and maintain your physique with a balanced, clean way of eating that won't put your body through the same metabolic trauma that makes traditional diets so ineffective. Ready to achieve the svelte, sexy, healthy body you're designed to have? What are you waiting for? Go wild!