Belly Fat Breakthrough: Transform Your Body with a 20-Minute Workout, 3 Times a Week

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Belly fat is a symptom of today's modern lifestyle – not enough time means take-away food trumps healthy eating and the couch wins over the treadmill. Too much belly fat increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and research has shown that most types of diet and exercise won't help you lose it.
At last there is a solution. A 20-minute workout just three times a week will burn away belly fat and get your health back on track. The trick? It has to be the right kind of exercise. Dr Steve Boutcher shows you how a simple interval-training routine will help you shed your stubborn excess belly fat. And you'll see the difference in just six weeks!
Based on more than ten years of scientific research at the University of New South Wales, Belly Fat Breakthrough will make you rethink your attitude to exercise.
'A revolution in weight loss'