AFA #19 New Domino Theory

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"The strategic air in Australia has for many years now resounded with the thumping talk of imminent conflict. But how likely is war with China?" JAMES CURRAN

The nineteenth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines China's ultimate goals as an emerging superpower, including the extent of its territorial ambitions.

The New Domino Theory looks at Australia's place in China's long-term plans and at the threat – if any – that Beijing poses to Australian security, politics and society.

James Curran explores the origins of Australia's anxiety about China and options for dealing with the threat.
Merriden Varrall looks at whether the conventional wisdom that underpins our China policy is correct.
Margaret Simons tells the inside story of how Labor came to back AUKUS.
Yun Jiang analyses Australia's approach to addressing foreign interference and its consequences.
Phil Orchard calls for Australia to play a greater role in addressing Russian war crimes in Ukraine.
Jacqui Baker examines the ongoing toll of corruption in Indonesia. 
Ryan Cropp assesses Gough Whitlam's foreign policy.

PLUS Correspondence from Luke Gosling, Margaret Beavis, Wesley Morgan and more.