A Big Fix: Radical Solutions for Australia's Environmental Crisis

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The warnings from scientists are urgent and unequivocal: our civilisation is unwittingly stepping in front of an ecological lorry that is about to fl atten us. We are using resources future generations will need, damaging environmental systems and compromising social stability by increasing the gap between rich and poor.

In short, we are eating up the future. Without a radical rethinking of the way we currently live, our society is doomed.

In A Big Fix , pre-eminent scientist and environmentalist Ian Lowe tackles this problem head on and offers far-reaching solutions to our environmental and social crisis.

He advocates a fundamental change to our values and social institutions and offers a vision of a healthier society - one that is humane, takes an eco-centric approach, adopts long-term thinking, uses our natural resources responsibly and is informed about the workings of our natural systems.

History has shown that human systems can change quickly and radically. We are a resilient, resourceful and highly adaptable species. Once we recognise the need for fundamental change - and act on it - an equitable and sustainable Australia can be within reach.